Music For Video Games

Let’s face it: there are a TON of video games out there to play. Which means there are a TON of game developers: professional and indie. What this also means: these developers need music and audio design for their creations to really channel the proper emotion and message they’re aiming for.

I’ve recently created multiple packs of high quality orchestral music using top-tier samples from the world’s most reputable sound libraries designed to invoke the feeling one would generally feel whilst playing an adventure or fantasy game. Through my experience of being a massive fan of the genre (I’ve played more hours of games like Everquest and Everquest 2 than most people could imagine…), the compositions I’ve put together flow and feel natural to me and I can visualize the art and scenery of where they belong. Hopefully this carries over to the end user.

These music packs, each containing multiple quality tracks, are available for purchase at the following links:

Adventure & Fantasy Pack 1:

Adventure & Fantasy Pack 2:

Previews are available on each product page!

Looking for a custom composition or soundtrack? Don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form on this website.

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